Departament d'Ensenyament


Les Vinyes is part of local Consortium formed with the local City Council of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, 2 more high schools (La Bastida and Puig Castellar) and one local NGO: Mundus Association. Mundus is organizing language courses in cooperation with the City Council. All students selected for an International mobility must take part to the language course that best suit with their internship destination. Furthermore, Mundus association, in accordance with all partners, has an International Office and the Puig Castellar High Schools, where the profesionnals of the association are providing info about international mobility opportunities to all interested students.
Besides the language courses, Mundus is organizing also youth exchanges, training courses and European Voluntary Services in the framework of Erasmus Plus Youth Programme. These opportunities are valuable options for students to improve their language and intercultural skills. All Consortium partners are working together in order to inform students about educational opportunities and to empower them to choose the best option.


Programme: Erasmus+

Title: Subiendo al Puig Castellar


For this project it has created a collaboration agreement between:- High School Puig Castellar- High School Les Vinyes- High School La Bastida- Mundus Association.

Our centers are located in a suburb of Barcelona where unemployment is particularly high and socio-economic situation that was already very delicate, has worsened because of the economical crisis. This fact plus the high rate of immigration in the neighbourhoods of the area, make our students vulnerable and under risk of social exclusion, they have lack of opportunities, there is a severe youth unemployment, racism and marginalization.

Participants: 29 participants during two school years (2015-2016 and 2016-2017). Participants profile: Students will be divided into 10 partners from Germany, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, Belgium and France during 1 month.

Student profile: Students from vulnerable areas, with fewer opportunities in their environment, but with good skills who wish to expand their technical, linguistic, social and intercultural competences and skills.

Teachers profile: Team highly qualified, highly motivated with excellent human perspective with needs to improve language competences to successfully continue the plan of implementation of foreign languages already started in the centres.

The team has many international experiences but they are quite new in the implementation of Erasmus+ program, and therefore needs to see and to exchange experiences for the successful internationalization of the center. And finally we have the need of sharing experiences of disadvantaged students coming from depressed areas. Also we need to improve how to work with new religions and cultures.

The 29 mobilities of students will:

a) Improve their communication skills.

b) Improve their job skills and perspectives.

c) Improve their language skills.

d) Lose their fear to move, to live abroad and gain confidence in themselves.

e) Give them more opportunities for the future and improve their employment possibilities.

f) Reduce the failure and dropout, giving future expectations to the students.

g) Improve the human dimension of the students, giving them tools to open their minds beyond their environment.

h) Reduce xenophobic actions and misunderstanding towards immigrant communities or minorities.

The teachers mobilities with the following aims:

a) Contact and planning activities conducted for the students. Visit the spot where students will be and meet responsible contact person who will supervise. Compare curriculum and set the ECVET.

b) Visit partner centres, facilities and environment, creating job shadowing cooperation's and learning new techniques.

c) Improve their language skills.

d) Gather information on the dual training (in the case of Germany) and observe its operation.

e) Monitor the implementation of Erasmus+.

f) Share strategies on how institutions fight with problems such as truancy, absenteeism, etc. To perform this project, we have a trained and very diverse team with great professional experience that coordinates Erasmus+ program:Erasmus Coordinators, Quality Coordinators and the Vocational teachers are taking care of the project, supporting and helping the process. Mundus Association will take care of European Mobility Training for students and teachers and also it will manage intercultural trainings as a preparation for the project. Also will take care of logistics.

The expected result is: to reverse the non positive situation, internationalize schools, improve education and provide more opportunities to students through a new youth policy promoted by the council, youth groups and schools.