Language Support
Departament d'Ensenyament

Language Support

Mentoring and support arrangements for:

·         Incoming Participants

For incoming students we usually follow the Qbid procedure. Through the Qbid we do monitor the students with monthly online evaluation. Each evaluation is done by the students and the enterprise, and then validated by Les Vinyes internship coordinator. Moreover, the internship tutor (one for each course) goes 3 times to visit the enterprise during the internship of each student. The first time at the beginning of the stage, the second time at the middle of the internship time, the third time at the end, to complete the evaluation. The internship coordinator of Les Vinyes is also in charge of finding a proper accommodation for the incoming participants. As for logistic arrangements, incoming students usually manage it by themselves thanks to the scholarship provided by Erasmus Plus. Finally, when foreign students come, we do inform our students about it. We also provide time and space for our local students to "interact" with the foreign ones in order to act as "buddy" by helping with the language and dealing with working placements.

·         Outgoing students

For outgoing students we will follow the procedures agreed among the partners of the Consortium. The procedures are mainly based on the Qbid procedures. The enterprises will have to fill online evaluations periodically (depending on the length of the internships), while the students will be constantly in contact with their tutors by email and skype. As for the accommodation, usually Mundus is taking care of finding proper accommodation (usually shared flats with 3 double rooms) and to manage the food and pocket money.


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