Mobility Experience
Departament d'Ensenyament

Les Vinyes already has some experience in international mobility activities. In 2010-2012 we sent 1 student and 2 teachers to Helsinki (Finland) for an internship in a Research Laboratory.

Wa also had experience in National mobility activities. In 2011-2012 10 students and 3 teachers took part in study visit in 3 different regions of Spain (Castilla la Mancha, Comunidad de Madrid, Extremadura).

Thanks also to the above mentioned experience, our procedure for the approval and the monitoring of inter-institutional agreements for study and teaching mobility is the standard procedure regulated by our Regional Ministry of Education. With respect to in-company training and job-shadowing stays, we follow procedures included in qBid (Integrated Database, where you can find all the documents, templates and forms to set up our in-job training stays, applying ECVET methodology and criteria when possible agreed by all involved parts.

Furthermore, our High School established 3 institutional agreements with local Hospitals: Hospital Universitario Clinico, Hospital Universitario Vall d'Hebron y Hospital Espiritu Santo (respectively from Barcelona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet). Thanks to those agreements, foreign students will have the chance to undertake internships at one of the Hospitals.